Ten foot pole - subliminable messages

Just as well. Finkel, 64, tells friends he's never worked so hard to prepare  his review into the security of Australia's main electricity grid  released last week. He hasn't had a day off since January and remains on call to brief MPs as the Turnbull government considers its response to his recommendations.

Ten Foot Pole is at it again, this time with Insider, the best record of their career! Insider features the strongest slew of songs they ...

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In January 1910 the Government announced a grant of £20,000 and now the expedition could buy a ship. Scott wanted the DISCOVERY but the Hudson's Bay Company refused to sell her. After considering several others, Scott purchased the TERRA NOVA for a down payment of £5,000 with a promise of an additional £7,500 when the funds could be raised.

ten . ten (Mercian), tien (), from . *tekhan (cf. tehan, . tiu, Dan. ti, . tian, . ten, Du. tien, . zehan, Ger. zehn, Goth. taihun "ten"), from PIE *dekm (cf. Skt. dasa, Avestan dasa, Armenian tasn, Gk. deka, L. decem, . deseti, Lith. desimt, . deich, Bret. dek, Welsh deg, Alb. djetu "ten"). Tenth is . teoða, teogoða. Tenner "ten-pound note" is slang first recorded 1861; as "ten-dollar bill," 1887 (ten-spot in this sense dates from 1848). The ten-foot pole that you wouldn't touch something with (1909) was originally a 40-foot pole; the idea ... is the same as the advice to use a long spoon when you dine with the devil. Ten-four "I understand, message received," is attested in popular jargon from 1962, from use in CB and police radio 10-code (in use in . by 1950).

Pole vaulting is a track and field event in which a person uses a long, flexible pole (which today is usually made either of fiberglass or carbon fiber) as an aid to ...

[Verse 1]
Tidify da, sinmah gough dah hep haing ding fum gogamamo
Stry da fings thadd awondt oont do butt any il thang thad a wondt meeto
Shees my nurirng my nu esit seten' ra mind at a ros reshoo
I don loo kadang doo my net loohah leten meen you
Hmm, i wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole

I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole

[Verse 2]
You just don't know what shape i'm in
Try-da-fy thedit dern tasgoo
Itel dang ifl eeton if airs ron wichoo
Day me dy ron my nek
Thars a dang ana ding doo itan beegon
Shee kina sitn wita ly dou fang
Let it ang wit a itin imin babee
Ide oln lee pak da thangs yoodo
Letit ang ifen eeton wacha ron wichoo


Ten Foot Pole - Subliminable MessagesTen Foot Pole - Subliminable MessagesTen Foot Pole - Subliminable MessagesTen Foot Pole - Subliminable Messages