Terrence dixon - point of view

Twelve years since his debut album, cult Detroit legend Terrence Dixon presents the sterling follow-up 'From The Far Future ' for Tresor. For many listeners, DJs and collectors Dixon's sparse output ranks among the 313's most definitive and influential creations. Whether under his own name or as Population One, his sound is a quintessential application of Afro-futurist, Motor City machine music, at once driven, sleek, hypnotic, spacewise, and deeply funky. We can safely say that this album has exceeded our expectations, mixing heavyweight, heart-rending club tracks such as 'Light Of Day', the detuned reese bass shuffletek ace 'Band Together', and the mighty 'Dark City Of Hope (Hard Mix)', with signature experiments in more esoteric quadrants; the Actress-meets-Mills vibes on 'Fountain Of Life' or the bit-crushed polyrhythmic wind of '11th Floor'. It's gotta be one of the the year's finest techno albums, bar none. Massively recommended!

Indeed, when Juno Plus invited Dixon to contribute to this piece, the only response we received was from one of his associates who simply explained that “he’s not into interviews”. In the absence of input from Dixon, this writer will attempt to trace his career to date. Terrence has been releasing music under his own name or as Population One for almost twenty years, moving from punishing techno and spaced out minimalism to deep house and sprawling jazz-fuelled affairs. Despite this diversity, his catalogue is relatively sparse, with just under 30 EPs to his credit during that period.

Terrence Dixon - Point Of ViewTerrence Dixon - Point Of ViewTerrence Dixon - Point Of ViewTerrence Dixon - Point Of View